Ignatius Piazza Helps Those Who Help Others

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Dr. Ignatius Piazza is a philanthropist that many men and women strive to be like. He has rightfully earned his nickname, the Millionaire Patriot, by carrying out all of the things he chooses to do for people, both inside and outside of his company. Besides offering incredible deals on his gun training courses, Ignatius Piazza and his company, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, fund many different charitable causes, and many people know nothing about it.

Helping people is a huge desire of Ignatius Piazza. He enjoys giving assistance wherever and whenever he can because he is on a mission to positively change the world. He wants to make the world a safer and more desirable place to live, through providing superior gun training and self defense training at Front Sight, and spreading his love for humanity as far as he can. Ignatius Piazza is constantly working on a project called “Helping Those Who Help Others,” which is a philanthropic project in which Ignatius Piazza donates time, money and other benefits to a variety charitable organizations. When Ignatius Piazza sees people donate their money or time to a good cause outside of themselves, it makes him proud of the American people, and he wants to reward them for their generosity.

It was, and is, Ignatius Piazza’s dream to have a positive influence on the world. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute started out small – Ignatius Piazza taught his first self defense gun training course to ten students on leased property in April of 1996. Since then, Front Sight has grown to be the most successful gun training school in the world, training more students each year than all other major gun training school in America – combined. As Front Sight grows, Ignatius Piazza gives more. Front Sight is going to keep growing. In turn, Ignatius Piazza is going to keep giving.

It is a commendable thing for someone to donate to one or two charities. To date, Ignatius Piazza has donated to over one hundred sixty charities, including a variety of women’s charities, religious charities, military charities, civil liberty charities, educational charities and children’s charities! Ignatius Piazza is, in the eyes of thousands and thousands of people, the definition of philanthropist. One of the reasons people call Ignatius Piazza the Millionaire Patriot is because of these selfless donations. Through “Helping Those Who Help Others,” Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight have donated well over ten million dollars of cash and benefits, and it is quickly climbing toward eleven million and is not going to stop there.

Ignatius Piazza thanks those people and organizations who have donated to a cause, and this project is an attempt to express his gratitude. He is continuously looking for new organizations to donate to because he wants to reach as many people as humanly possible with his message of changing the world. If you are a part of a charitable organization, the Millionaire Patriot offers his sincere thanks and wants to help you with your work to the best of his ability.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza – From Chiropractor to Four Weapons Combat Master

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When the bullets sprayed out of the open car window, chaos spread throughout the neighborhood. The peaceful evening had been brutally interrupted, and panic settled itself into the minds of everyone around. Chiropractor and family man, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, was suddenly struck with a realization. Even though he practiced shooting regularly at the shooting range, he did not feel he had the knowledge or experience to protect his loved ones. This, to Ignatius Piazza, as is the same in the hearts of millions of people, is not a desirable place to be. He decided to change that, and become the man that could offer family protection at any given time.

Ignatius Piazza was disappointed to find that in 1988 in America, it was extremely difficult to locate the gun training he was determined to find. This was another thing he wanted to change. Ignatius Piazza knew that there were other people like him out there – people who wanted to be safe and protect their families. Being the philanthropist that he is, Ignatius Piazza decided that he would do the leg work, dig deep and find the best gun training he could find, and then make it available to these other people. Today, his gun training school, called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, makes finding great gun training easy for anyone. Because of Ignatius Piazza, people do not have to become frustrated or feel the need to give up their search.

From that horrible night in 1988 to the day Front Sight opened its doors in 1996, and even on to present day, Ignatius Piazza has spent hours and hours out on the range, perfecting every aspect of his gun handling. He has read tons of materials and listened to gun training lectures. He has participated in gun training courses and seminars. He has watched gun training professionals and studied their form, techniques and tactics. He has diligently performed dry practice to perfect his own form and techniques. He has worked with targets, shooting both stationary and moving. He has worked with other people, watching and participating in real life scenarios where self defense would be needed. Ignatius Piazza practiced. Then, he practiced some more. When he thought he was ready to start training other people, he practiced even more. Ignatius Piazza is a man of dedication to gun training. He wanted to be the best before he opened Front Sight.

Ignatius Piazza’s perseverance earned him a great reward. He became the second man in the world to secure a Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate. This honor is intensely difficult to achieve, but Ignatius Piazza earned it, and he wants to share his experiences and his knowledge with as many people as possible. No one should have to feel helpless in a dangerous situation. No one should have to become discouraged when looking for the training to make them not feel helpless in those situations. Ignatius Piazza put in the work to make it easy for anyone and everyone to find the best possible gun training available.