Gun Training Can Change the Face of America: Thanks Ignatius Piazza

January 26, 2011 · Posted in Ignatius Piazza 

The recent tragedy in Arizona has once again left the entire country reeling. Americans, it seems, have no lack of naivete when it comes to unexpected assaults or attacks. An analysis of the news coverage of the Arizona shooting which ended too many lives reveals that Americans in general simply don’t expect one person to be physically or psychologically capable of accomplishing wholesale murder. It’s news reports and evaluations like these that make the approach which Ignatius Piazza and his gun training school Front Sight take particularly refreshing.

The recent shooting reveals the political lines that are getting drawn across the country. Unfortunately, the major pundits of each political stance are becoming increasingly populist, which leaves commonsense, calm groups like Front Sight left to pick up the pieces. What is it that Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza propose? Not surprising from a firearms training school, Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza’s stance is that gun laws are anathema to the progress of America.

What sets Ignatius Piazza apart from the rest of the gun-toting world is that he is first and foremost in favor of ample, sufficient gun training for all Americans. In his mind – as reflected in Front Sight’s mission statement and work ethic – law-abiding Americans are only as safe as they are well-trained.

For Ignatius Piazza, responsible firearms training is what is truly behind what he calls the Founding Fathers’ greatest gift to Americans: the Second Amendment. According to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the right to bear arms is only as useful and valuable to the law-abiding populace as they are able to bear them properly – firearms training is not just a good idea to Ignatius Piazza, he views it as mandatory to be an American.

What is perhaps most incredible about Ignatius Piazza’s mission is that his motivation for Front Sight to be the nation’s largest gun training school (which it is and has been for quite some time – Front Sight reliably trains more students weekly than his competitors train in a year) is not motivated by profit. Considering the number of offers Piazza offers on a regular basis, whether for free weekends at Front Sight or a free gun with a membership, or several free guns based on how many memberships you buy (even if you turn around and re-sell them immediately to your friends), the amount of revenue he loses in his effort to get people in the doors of Front Sight for training and positive reinforcement of responsible gun ownership demonstrate his eagerness to see the country change its naïve ways.


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