Front Sight’s Thoughts Remain With Those in the Middle East and North Africa

March 17, 2011 · Posted in Ignatius Piazza, Weapons 

The meteoric spread of social unrest and protests throughout the Middle East and North Africa has gotten the entire globe’s attention, not least of all America. It’s not only the spread of democratic ideals which has gotten the American people to sit up and pay attention, but also the tug on their wallets. As countries which export a considerable portion of the world’s crude oil become destabilized and see new regimes and governments arrive in power, the American people notice that the price for filling up their tanks rises as well. But it’s the truly savvy men and women who will notice a far more important subject at work in the machinations of the Middle East and North Africa. Gun rights, and the protection extended to the American people by the Second Amendment. Would anyone deny that the people of Libya would be grossly benefited by gun training or protected gun rights while their dictator sends mercenaries to attack their rebellion strongholds?

Americans enjoy a quality of life that has never been even remotely approximated anywhere else at any time on the planet. The relative wealth and daily stability of everyday Americans’ lives is enough to turn the most affluent citizens of the great empires of the world: Rome, Venice, Vienna, Britain in their days, green with envy. The social and legal liberty which has allowed for the rapid growth and expansion of economy and power in the United States can be undeniably attributed to the U.S. Constitution, deemed by any and all to be the greatest expression of freedom, liberty and human rights ever written and upheld. What the protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen demonstrate beyond any shadow of a doubt is that the rights which Americans have to carry firearms is an intrinsic necessity to maintaining such a style of life. Admittedly, the Founding Fathers of the United States probably didn’t go to a gun training school to receive firearms training, but then they were active members of their state militias, and were regularly called up to use their gun skills.

Knowing the need for a fully-trained, law-abiding citizenry, the Founding Fathers made it easy and possible for the people of America to carry firearms as necessary. Places like Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, and men like Dr. Ignatius Piazza understand that simply to carry guns is not sufficient – a citizenry must be fully trained. Gun training is a natural extension of having the right to firearms. Proper training is what truly keeps a citizenry safe. While the strife in the Middle East continues unabated, we here in the States should take a lesson and give serious thought to the idea that the Second Amendment may very well be the greatest gift ever given to a populace, and training is a necessity.

If you’re looking for the world’s best gun training, whether you’re a trained police officer or a member of the Armed Forces, or whether you’re an untrained housewife or dentist, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers the best training you’ll find anywhere. With more students trained every weekend than most of their competitors added together manage in a year, learn why Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training school is leading the world in safe, responsible training that anyone at any level can benefit from.


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