The Best Gun Training In The World… All For You

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The best place to go for handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training or automatic weapons training is Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the booming gun training school located just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. In beautiful Pahrump, Nevada, Front Sight offers over five hundred fifty acres of shooting ranges, lecture halls and tons of various scenario based training ranges, so students will get the most bang for their buck, quite literally. Front Sight is known as the number one gun training school in the world, offering top quality gun training of every kind. So why is Front Sight right for me?

Front Sight offers gun training courses to match your needs and wants, no matter who you are or what sort of gun training experience you have… or don’t have. Founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, created Front Sight to help as many people as possible, so he does not cater to just one or two specific groups of people. He caters to everyone. Front Sight offers beginning gun training courses, advanced gun training courses, competitive gun training courses, teen gun training, gun training for women and night gun training, as well as child safety training and youth safety training. Really… no matter who you are, Front Sight has a gun training course for you.

Don’t know which course works best for you? That’s all right, too. Just give one of Ignatius Piazza’s employees a call (their phone number is easy to find on Front Sight’s website) and they will help you make your decision. All employees of Front Sight are extremely trained and knowledgeable in the gun world, so they will be able to answer any question you have quickly, thoroughly and… my favorite… in a friendly manner. Take it from me, before I attended Front Sight, I called with questions. Having done tons of research on the gun training school, I was interested in a Front Sight Lifetime Membership, but I wasn’t quite sure which one was best for me. With a lot of help from the guy on the phone, I eventually decided on one of the smaller Lifetime Memberships. He was able to work with my needs, including what I wanted out of my gun training and my budget, and help me find a membership that was useful for the time being.

Then, I went to Front Sight for my first gun training course. Needless to say, I quickly upgraded my membership to the Diamond Front Sight Lifetime Membership… the most complete Front Sight Lifetime Membership there is. Yeah… Front Sight made THAT much of an impact on me.

I didn’t have any “real” gun training experience before Front Sight. I had shot a gun at some beer cans and clay pigeons maybe once in my whole life. The friend that I went with had a bit of gun training. There were people in my class that had already gone through TONS of training, including a man who was a gun training instructor at another school. And you know what? We all got stuff out of Front Sight. Front Sight helped us all grow and improve, even through we were all at very different levels.

No matter where you are now, Front Sight can help you. I am positive that if you spend some time researching, you will realize that Front Sight is the gun training school for you!

How To Make Good Decisions With Your Gun Training

November 17, 2011 · Posted in People · Comment 

For years, I had known that I wanted to get gun training. I told my dad that I wanted to learn how to shoot a gun and he agreed that it is something I should know how to do. That may sound a bit weird to some people, that a father would encourage his daughter to get gun training. However, guns can be amazing tools of self defense. We had always had guns in the house as I was growing up, but I was not allowed to know where they were because I did not know how to use them safely. Guns in untrained hands are dangerous. They are a tool to be respected and not taken lightly.

Eventually, I found Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. I did a lot of research on the school, its background and its founder, Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza. I learned how dedicated Ignatius Piazza is to his cause (to learn more about this, you can find my article called, “Ignatius Piazza Changes the World,” or read about “Helping Those Who Help Others.” Ignatius Piazza is so dedicated to his plan to make the world a better place that he offers time, energy and money out of his own pocket in order to do so.

I read how amazing Front Sight’s gun training is by reading reviews from students that have attended Ignatius Piazza’s courses. The reviews included several different types of people, from first time gun training students to people who have had gun training at several schools to gun training instructors from other gun training institutions to officers in the military, who have obviously had extensive amounts of previous gun training. However, all of the reviews looked alike, sharing the same common message: Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the best place to get gun training of any kind.

I literally researched for a couple years before finally attending Front Sight for myself, so I had really high expectations. From everything that I had read, Front Sight just HAD to be the best, or else there was some miscommunication with the entire Internet world. If Front Sight wasn’t the best, it would have also gone against what a few people I knew had said of their Front Sight experience. This had to be good.

Well, Ignatius Piazza’s Front Sight Firearms Training Institute not only met my almost unreasonably high expectations, it shattered them to pieces. Front Sight was WAY MORE than I could have ever dreamed of, even after completely saturating myself with Front Sight research for over two years. I learned so much in just four days at Front Sight that I can now help friends that have been shooting for several years improve their accuracy. (Literally. I have actually done it by using the skills I learned at Front Sight.) It was educational and helpful, exciting and fun, memorable and life changing.

I am so glad that my dad encouraged my want to get gun training. Now I feel safer and way more confident than I had ever felt before. Attending Front Sight Firearms Training Institute for my gun training was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Front Sight: Gun Training Like No Other

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When you think about gun training, what do you think about? Do you think about boring drills and tedious, repetitive motions? Do you think about shooting paper targets over and over and over again?
Do you think about men yelling obscenities at you? Do you think about going out into the wilderness and shooting fifteen or sixteen clay pigeons and then calling it a day?

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is none of these things.

One. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is exciting. Yes, as a student of Front Sight, you will run drills. But, they are fun. They get you comfortable with the idea and the action of using a gun for self defense. They are based on real life scenarios, so you get the best training possible. Even the paper targets that you will use in your gun training are designed to improve your experience and gain you greater results. Founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, planned out all of the drills in the gun training program to be fun, safe, interesting and effective. You will learn how to load and unload your gun at lightning speed, increasing your effectiveness in a gun fight and making emergency reloads much easier. You do not want to be caught against an attacker and fumble on your reload. You will practice presenting your weapon so fast that your opponent will be shocked. You will perform shooting drills, learning where to shoot and why to shoot in those specific areas, along with when to shoot each area (because there are reasons to shoot in certain places at certain times). The targets at Front Sight are designed to make the drills more lifelike and to help you visualize where your bullets are hitting. You will practice timed shooting drills in your gun training… meaning the targets will move in and out of the way, forcing you to learn a combination of speed and accuracy. No opponent will stand there and wait for you to shoot him. Front Sight’s gun training greatly increases your chance of survival.

Two. Front Sight’s gun training instructors are personable. They are incredibly trained and highly professional. They work hard to keep you safe and they know more than most of us could ever dream they should know about the gun world, gun safety and gun training. But, they are also wonderful in the realm of customer service. The gun training instructors at Front Sight are patient and kind, extremely helpful and will go out of their ways to make your Front Sight experience more enjoyable. They are fun and will really make you feel a part of the Front Sight Family. There are no annoying boot camp like attitudes in any of the gun training courses at Front Sight. Ignatius Piazza makes sure of it during his instructor training program.

Three. At Front Sight, you will shoot A LOT of bullets. Ignatius Piazza, when designing Front Sight’s gun training courses, made it a point to make sure that every student shoots hundreds of bullets during their training. During my first Four Day Defensive Handgun Training Course at Front Sight, I was asked to bring 600 bullets. Six hundred bullets in four days? That goes way beyond any clay pigeon shooting practice. Front Sight understands that the more you shoot, the more comfortable you will be with your gun and the better shooter you will become.

Front Sight is unlike any other gun training school you have attended. Come join Ignatius Piazza today and check it out!