Front Sight: Gun Training Like No Other

November 7, 2011 · Posted in America 

When you think about gun training, what do you think about? Do you think about boring drills and tedious, repetitive motions? Do you think about shooting paper targets over and over and over again?
Do you think about men yelling obscenities at you? Do you think about going out into the wilderness and shooting fifteen or sixteen clay pigeons and then calling it a day?

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is none of these things.

One. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is exciting. Yes, as a student of Front Sight, you will run drills. But, they are fun. They get you comfortable with the idea and the action of using a gun for self defense. They are based on real life scenarios, so you get the best training possible. Even the paper targets that you will use in your gun training are designed to improve your experience and gain you greater results. Founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, planned out all of the drills in the gun training program to be fun, safe, interesting and effective. You will learn how to load and unload your gun at lightning speed, increasing your effectiveness in a gun fight and making emergency reloads much easier. You do not want to be caught against an attacker and fumble on your reload. You will practice presenting your weapon so fast that your opponent will be shocked. You will perform shooting drills, learning where to shoot and why to shoot in those specific areas, along with when to shoot each area (because there are reasons to shoot in certain places at certain times). The targets at Front Sight are designed to make the drills more lifelike and to help you visualize where your bullets are hitting. You will practice timed shooting drills in your gun training… meaning the targets will move in and out of the way, forcing you to learn a combination of speed and accuracy. No opponent will stand there and wait for you to shoot him. Front Sight’s gun training greatly increases your chance of survival.

Two. Front Sight’s gun training instructors are personable. They are incredibly trained and highly professional. They work hard to keep you safe and they know more than most of us could ever dream they should know about the gun world, gun safety and gun training. But, they are also wonderful in the realm of customer service. The gun training instructors at Front Sight are patient and kind, extremely helpful and will go out of their ways to make your Front Sight experience more enjoyable. They are fun and will really make you feel a part of the Front Sight Family. There are no annoying boot camp like attitudes in any of the gun training courses at Front Sight. Ignatius Piazza makes sure of it during his instructor training program.

Three. At Front Sight, you will shoot A LOT of bullets. Ignatius Piazza, when designing Front Sight’s gun training courses, made it a point to make sure that every student shoots hundreds of bullets during their training. During my first Four Day Defensive Handgun Training Course at Front Sight, I was asked to bring 600 bullets. Six hundred bullets in four days? That goes way beyond any clay pigeon shooting practice. Front Sight understands that the more you shoot, the more comfortable you will be with your gun and the better shooter you will become.

Front Sight is unlike any other gun training school you have attended. Come join Ignatius Piazza today and check it out!


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