Gun Training Your Wallet Likes

December 30, 2011 · Posted in People · Comment 

Many people, when looking for decent gun training courses or gun training schools, find that in order to get any gun training that is somewhat good, they are going to have to break the bank. If it doesn’t completely break the bank, it at least sets them back and makes them uncomfortable for a while. What if I told you that I know of a place that offers gun training at a price that you can really afford?

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, Four Weapons Combat Master and founder of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, offers affordable gun training that is actually good. In fact, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers the best gun training in the world. Literally. Front Sight trains more students every year than all of the other gun training schools in the world combined. They have at least doubled in size every year since opening and are on track to do it again. One gun training course with Ignatius Piazza at Front Sight, and you could be shooting better than some military officials or law enforcement officers… no kidding. When I say one gun training course, I mean one gun training course. Students of all levels of experience, whether they be advanced shooters or complete beginners, can attend Front Sight for first rate gun training and benefit greatly from Ignatius Piazza’s curriculum. After one Four Day Self Defense Gun Training Course at Front Sight, students are armed with skills that surpass ninety nine percent of the gun owning population.

So how is something that good not going to kick my behind financially?

Ignatius Piazza knows and understands the importance of quality gun training and he wants as many people as possible to get it. Therefore, he will spend his own time and money in order to help people receive the best gun training possible. He would rather use his own resources, offering insane deals and discounts, than be comfortable with people going and getting sub par gun training.

If you check out Front Sight’s website, you can sign up for Ignatius Piazza’s FREE newsletter. This is a newsletter that Ignatius Piazza writes himself… he doesn’t hire someone to write it for him. If you follow this newsletter, which is conveniently sent to the email address of your choice, you will notice that Ignatius Piazza is constantly offering new special deals and unbelievable gun training packages at prices that rival even the cheaper quality gun training schools. (And just so you know, Ignatius Piazza will never give away or sell your information, so you will not get any spam in your email box because of this newsletter.)

I got my Diamond Front Sight First Family Membership at a price less than a fraction of the price of a single course… and now I can attend Front Sight as many times as I want for the rest of my life… simply because I followed Ignatius Piazza’s newsletter and jumped on the deal when I saw the one I wanted. So, take a look. What deal on gun training can you find?

Reach Your Goals With Front Sight

December 19, 2011 · Posted in Ignatius Piazza · Comment 

What are your gun training goals? Do you want to learn how to use a gun for self defense or do you want combat gun training? Have you never held a gun before and want to learn how to safely handle one or have you been shooting for decades and want to perfect your shooting skills and technique? Maybe you shoot every day or maybe it has been quite some time since you last placed your finger on a trigger.

No matter what your gun training goals are, founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, Four Weapons Combat Master, Dr. Ignatius Piazza can help you reach them. Through his gun training program, you can learn whatever you want or need to learn in order to reach your goals.

So, where do you currently stand? Are you a complete beginner? Front Sight’s gun training courses will help you learn how to use a gun the right way the first time. Are you an advanced shooter? Ignatius Piazza will help you hone your skills to make you a better shooter than you ever imagined you could be. Are you one of the above and have a friend that fits the other description? You can both attend the SAME Front Sight gun training course and, believe it or not, both of you will benefit greatly.

I was a beginner when I first took a gun training course at Front Sight and man, did I learn! I went from barely hitting the target with my bullets to being able to hit exactly where I aimed in the span of one short Front Sight gun training course. I went from being uncomfortable and awkward having a gun on my hip to being able to walk around comfortably and present my weapon faster than anyone in my class. I went from knowing nothing about how to shoot a gun to seeing a picture of someone else’s target and being able to help them improve his shooting because I knew exactly what he was doing incorrectly by the way his bullets hit the paper. No kidding. Just a few days at Front Sight and I was no longer considered a beginner shooter.

In my Front Sight gun training course, I met several other people. Some of these people had a lot of gun training experience. One was even a gun training instructor at another school. I talked with most of the people in the class and they all agreed that they were amazed at what they learned here. Ignatius Piazza really knew what he was doing when he put together Front Sight’s gun training program. The gun training instructor from the other school even told me that Front Sight had opened his eyes to new techniques he had never even thought about before… and his shooting was getting better.

Take a minute and think about what your gun training goals are. Where are you now and where would you like to be? Ignatius Piazza is waiting for you to give him a call and start that road to reaching your goals. All it takes to get started is one phone call.

Gun Training For Happy Wallets

December 11, 2011 · Posted in America · Comment 

I want to get some great gun training. Totally doable. I want to get the best gun training in the world. Hmm… That might be a limiting factor. I want to get that gun training from a Four Weapons Combat Master. Yeah… good luck finding one of those since there are only a few of them in the world. I want that gun training to fit around MY schedule. Right. AND I don’t want my super awesome gun training to break the bank. The inner voice that is trying to be realistic is having difficulty controlling its laughter.

What would you say if I told you that you could, in fact, have all of those things and still have a happy wallet? All you have to do is contact Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Front Sight provides everything.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada, offers the world’s best gun training. It has been ranked the number one gun training school in the world for over a decade. Serving and training more students than any other gun training school in the world, Front Sight offers handgun training, shotgun training, automatic weapons training and rifle training that can be challenged by no other gun training school available to the world today. Front Sight is simply the best gun training school around.

Front Sight is founded and now directed by Dr. Ignatius Piazza, a former chiropractor turned Four Weapons Combat Master. Ignatius Piazza was the second man in the world to secure himself a Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate, and remains one of the very few people that hold one. Literally, Ignatius Piazza is one of the best shooters in the world, offering students of Front Sight the best opportunities for receiving incredible gun training and having a life changing experience. One reason Front Sight gives the best gun training is because it is owned and operated by one of the best shooting masters in the world. Ignatius Piazza trains all of the Front Sight gun training instructors to have the most pristine shooting techniques possible, so students can really benefit from the Front Sight team.

Front Sight’s gun training course schedule is convenient for most anyone. Ignatius Piazza offers a large variety of gun training courses that repeat several times throughout the year, so if one particular time frame does not work for you, there are always other options. Additionally, Front Sight’s courses range from half day to five days to ensure that no matter how much or how little time you have, your gun training can be squeezed into your busy schedule.

Front Sight is affordable. Ignatius Piazza is constantly offering new ways for students to save money on their gun training, whether it be through special discounts or lifetime memberships that are tailored to their needs. The Front Sight Family knows just how important gun safety training and self defense gun training is, so they want to make it as affordable as possible to everyday people. It is absolutely amazing how much you get out of Front Sight for such a small cost.

Front Sight: It’s The Little Things That Count

December 3, 2011 · Posted in Weapons · Comment 

You have had tons of gun training peppered throughout your past. You can shoot the bullseye of a target every time with your careful concentration and fail proof focus. You are fast on the presentation and can shoot almost as quickly.

Scenario One. You are in your bedroom one quiet night and you hear voices down the hall. These voices do not belong to your family members and you know… immediately… you have got intruders. You grab your gun. You don’t know exactly where they are, but you hear their voices stop. You open your bedroom door and BAM! BAM! Did you get them? No… that was the sound of their guns. They shot you before you even saw where they were standing. You crumple to the floor and the sound of their scrambling feet fades into the distance. Reason you got shot? You opened the door incorrectly.

Scenario Two. You stand on one side of your kitchen and the bad guy is holding your wife with a gun to her head on the other side. You press the trigger. Click. No bullets. He doesn’t know. You extract the empty cartridge from your gun and reach for the full one on your hip. BAM! BAM!  You’re done for. Reason you got shot? You did an emergency reload out of order.

Scenario Three. It is completely dark in the room and you don’t know where the bad guy is. You shine your flashlight for a couple seconds and then turn it off. You didn’t see him so you shine it in a slightly different direction and then turn it off. You still didn’t see him so you repeat one more time and BAM! BAM! Reason you got shot? You didn’t step to the side after turning off your flashlight.

All of these mistakes seem so trivial. But in reality, they are little things that make huge differences. Most gun training schools will teach you how to shoot a gun. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute does more than just that. Front Sight is a gun training school founded and directed by a Four Weapons Combat Master named Dr. Ignatius Piazza. At Front Sight, Ignatius Piazza teaches everything about gun training and gun safety, from big things like gun safety to the little things that can get you killed. Before attending Front Sight, I never knew that the way I held a flashlight or the way I walked through a door had such a high impact on my safety when it came to self defense. Now, though, I know these things and so many other little tiny nuances that can save me or kill me. Front Sight focuses on these little things because without them, even the best shooters can find themselves in heaps of mush on the floor.

The saying goes, “It’s the little things that count.” Please don’t take the seemingly little things for granted. When it comes to using a gun for self defense, EVERYTHING counts, from the things you say to the volume of your voice to when and where you take a step. You can count on Front Sight to teach you the things that count.