Front Sight: The Number One Gun Training School in the World

August 6, 2012 · Posted in Ignatius Piazza, Weapons 

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the gun training school in Pahrump, Nevada, is the best gun training school in the entire world. Statistics show that Front Sight is the gun training school of choice for more students than all of the other gun training schools in the world combined. Stuff like that isn’t just a coincidence. There are many reasons that Front Sight is the best gun training school around.

First, founder and director, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, is a hardworking Four Weapons Combat Master with a mission of philanthropy. He has a true desire to help people become safer, more confident and more secure, while increasing their awareness of the world. He wants to make the world a safer place by decreasing crime and increasing knowledge of crime and self defense. By educating people of the world surrounding them and also about gun safety and self defense, Ignatius Piazza is multiplying the world’s safety level during every single self defense gun training course at Front Sight. Students leave Front Sight’s gun training courses with a newfound sense of security and awareness that can save their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Ignatius Piazza is an incredibly educated man, himself, and all he wants to do is spread that knowledge to the world.

The gun training curriculum at Front Sight never leaves students wanting. As a student of Ignatius Piazza, you will learn everything you need to know and anything you want to know about gun safety, weapons use and gun training. The gun training instructors at Front Sight leave no stone unturned and no page unread, so you can rest assured you are getting the most complete gun training available to the world today. You will be taught everything, rather than be left to your own devices to figure things out. Ignatius Piazza’s gun training instructors teach their students so much that you won’t actually believe how much information you will take in. I know I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of information I was taught, I learned and I REMEMBERED. The teaching skills of the Front Sight gun training instructors is unbeatable.

Of course, in addition to other things, Front Sight would not be where it is today without its loyal students. The students of Front Sight have spread the word about how wonderful Ignatius Piazza’s gun training is through heartfelt testimonials and personal recommendations. Front Sight’s gun training is so good that many students opt to go back for the fun of it. They have such a great time and learn so much that they invite their friends. The public knowledge of Front Sight is spreading and really, there is not much else that can be said. The testimonials of Front Sight students speak for themselves.

There is no doubt about it; when you attend Front Sight for the first time, you will quickly understand what previous Front Sight students were talking about and you will know why Front Sight has risen to become the number one gun training school in the world.


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