How To Get Really Good With A Gun

November 12, 2012 · Posted in People, Weapons 

Most anyone who has been to a shooting range has had similar thoughts. You know, when you look around and you see the shooter a few guys down that hits the bullseye of his target nearly every time and you think, “Man, how to I get to be like HIM?” Or when you look around and see the guy that can’t hit his target for the life of him and you think, “Thank goodness I am not like him…” Or maybe you think, “Oh, no… I am just like that guy.” Well, I have news for you. If you want to learn how to be like Guy Number One and not at all like Guy Number Two, you will want to attend one of Dr. Ignatius Piazza’s self defense gun training courses at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada. Front Sight is the answer to your wishes if you want to learn how to get really good with a gun.

After training and studying for years and years, Dr. Ignatius Piazza became the second man in the world to obtain a Four Weapons Combat Master Certificate. That means he is, literally, one of the best shooters in the world. He started Front Sight Firearms Training Institute to spread his knowledge and training to as many people as possible. Now, before you start thinking, “Yeah, yeah… the best shooter in the world… this is NOT going to be cheap. I’d rather just attend one of the less exciting gun training schools,” you will be happy to learn that all though Front Sight is ranked the best gun training school in the world, Ignatius Piazza has made it affordable to normal people like you and me. As I said, he wanted to spread his knowledge on gun training to as many people as possible.

Ignatius Piazza created Front Sight’s gun training program to be all inclusive of all of the things you would ever need to learn about guns, shooting or protecting yourself with a gun. Nothing gets left out so you, as a student of Front Sight, get the best possible training you could ever dream of. You will be surprised at how complete Front Sight’s gun training is. After all, you can’t get really good at anything without knowing everything about it. So, Ignatius Piazza will make sure you learn the physical AND mental sides of using a gun, from before you even pick it up to months and years after. You will be pleased to see how much you learn at Front Sight.

Ignatius Piazza takes great care in hiring his gun training instructors. All applicants must first pass a strenuous gun training course and attend ongoing gun training throughout their career at Front Sight. In fact, Ignatius Piazza holds all of his gun training instructors to the same standards he holds himself… so as a Four Weapons Combat Master, you can imagine just how professional and amazing his gun training instructors are.

Once you attend Front Sight for the first time, you will completely understand how and why Front Sight got named the number one gun training school in the world. All in all, when it comes down to it, the next time you ask, “Man, how can I shoot like THAT guy?” you will know that your answer is, “FRONT SIGHT.”


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