How Video Games and Gun Training Can Mix

December 3, 2012 · Posted in Weapons · Comment 

Was your gun training fun and exciting? Or was it bland and methodical? Did you get to participate in a shooting competition or did you just practice the same boring task over and over again? Did you get to run through a house, clearing it of all the bad guys and saving the good guys? Yeah… I just said that. There is a gun training school in Nevada that not only lets you feel like you are part of a live action video game, it is actually part of the gun training curriculum.

Reading that last sentence, you likely experienced one of two reactions. You either thought, “COOL!” or you thought, “Seriously? How is that even necessary? Doesn’t that sound a little bit over the top?” If you are one of the many people wanting gun training that thinks that this super fun video game-like exercise sounds super awesome, I am with you. Shooting a gun, and shooting a gun WELL, is an enjoyable hobby for many people and being put in a safe and controlled environment while getting to blast away bad guys like you would on your Play Station or Game Cube (sorry if that dates me) is just a dream come true. Why should the cartoon video game characters get all the fun when we can do it ourselves and be SAFE doing it? To me, it is great. If you were in the other group of people that thought this sounded too extreme, the founder of this gun training school, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, has a reason behind this exercise.

It is called hands on scenario based gun training. If you experience a situation first hand, the next time the situation rolls around, you will be more prepared to handle it. Ignatius Piazza, a Four Weapons Combat Master, and the founder and director of the number one gun training school in the world, called Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, knows this. He bases much of his gun training curriculum on actual possible scenarios, so students will be more likely to be able to handle them in real life, should the need arise. Sure, we hope that you never have to ACTUALLY run through your home and save your sister or wife from the dude that is holding a gun to her head, while getting rid of other scary guys with weapons, but if you had to, wouldn’t it be helpful to have done it before? We also hope that you never have to save anyone from even ONE bad guy with a gun… but if you had to, it would be a good thing for your confidence if you could think, “I’ve got this. I had to do this once with SIX bad guys. I can handle one, no problem!”

Front Sight is the best gun training school in the world. Students of Ignatius Piazza leave this gun training school more prepared for real life dangerous situations than the students of other gun training schools do. After attending Front Sight, if you are faced with a life threatening situation where self defense is needed, instead of thinking, “Oh, NO! What do I do?” You will have the training to just think, “Been there; done that…” Which statement makes you feel like you have a better chance of survival?