Front Sight: It’s The Little Things That Count

December 3, 2011 · Posted in Weapons · Comment 

You have had tons of gun training peppered throughout your past. You can shoot the bullseye of a target every time with your careful concentration and fail proof focus. You are fast on the presentation and can shoot almost as quickly.

Scenario One. You are in your bedroom one quiet night and you hear voices down the hall. These voices do not belong to your family members and you know… immediately… you have got intruders. You grab your gun. You don’t know exactly where they are, but you hear their voices stop. You open your bedroom door and BAM! BAM! Did you get them? No… that was the sound of their guns. They shot you before you even saw where they were standing. You crumple to the floor and the sound of their scrambling feet fades into the distance. Reason you got shot? You opened the door incorrectly.

Scenario Two. You stand on one side of your kitchen and the bad guy is holding your wife with a gun to her head on the other side. You press the trigger. Click. No bullets. He doesn’t know. You extract the empty cartridge from your gun and reach for the full one on your hip. BAM! BAM!  You’re done for. Reason you got shot? You did an emergency reload out of order.

Scenario Three. It is completely dark in the room and you don’t know where the bad guy is. You shine your flashlight for a couple seconds and then turn it off. You didn’t see him so you shine it in a slightly different direction and then turn it off. You still didn’t see him so you repeat one more time and BAM! BAM! Reason you got shot? You didn’t step to the side after turning off your flashlight.

All of these mistakes seem so trivial. But in reality, they are little things that make huge differences. Most gun training schools will teach you how to shoot a gun. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute does more than just that. Front Sight is a gun training school founded and directed by a Four Weapons Combat Master named Dr. Ignatius Piazza. At Front Sight, Ignatius Piazza teaches everything about gun training and gun safety, from big things like gun safety to the little things that can get you killed. Before attending Front Sight, I never knew that the way I held a flashlight or the way I walked through a door had such a high impact on my safety when it came to self defense. Now, though, I know these things and so many other little tiny nuances that can save me or kill me. Front Sight focuses on these little things because without them, even the best shooters can find themselves in heaps of mush on the floor.

The saying goes, “It’s the little things that count.” Please don’t take the seemingly little things for granted. When it comes to using a gun for self defense, EVERYTHING counts, from the things you say to the volume of your voice to when and where you take a step. You can count on Front Sight to teach you the things that count.